Saturday, May 21, 2016

The Little Things

I've really been trying to follow my new chart I made for all my current projects. However still my procrastination side gets to me, it's a struggle but I can usually fight through it. Right now I've been working mostly on my next poetry book, 'Fragments', my children's book, 'Psycho Cat' and this small series of watercolor paintings to be paired with some poem of mine. I'm excited to see how these work out. I'm  not sure exactly where but I'd like to get my watercolor series displayed somewhere. All in all though it feels good to be working on a lot of different projects again.

thumbnail storyboard for 'Psycho Cat'
one of my new watercolor paintings entitled, "Borderline" to be paired with one of my newest poems.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

It's My Nature

I think as artists it's really important to keep experimenting. Experiment with what works for you, what doesn't. Experiment with techniques, writing, painting, your life, whatever. Just keep trying new, weird, scary, exciting things. Find what makes the game fun for you. Try as many things as you can at least once. Keep growing.
That being said I am currently trying some new art software since my adobe software is a no go right now. Trying out, Art Rage, Painter 12 and The Gimpy. We shall see what happens.
Also working on a new watercolor series to be paired with some of my poetry. The focus of the series is "pain".
Finally as well getting back to my graphic novel, 'Nine Gates' as well. Writing and penciling and random illustrations.
So trying to get a nice swing going.

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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Saturday, May 7, 2016

The Right Path

Getting on the right path is so important. You never know quite what it is exactly going forward toward your goals but that's why it's so important to experiment with different things. Take risks and fail, fail a lot. You learn more from the times things went bad then you do from when things are at their best. Don't be afraid, things should be afraid of you. I'm not saying don't be scared, be scared and listen to the fear but realize what it's saying to you, it's telling you you're doing the right thing. You need to keep motivated and moving. Talk about your dreams, don't hide them inside because you fear making them "real" by speaking them in the open air. Surround yourself with people who are motivated as well and will motivate you. Everyone feeds off of energy constantly and depending on if it's positive or negative that's what the results will be. So drop the friends who complain and ignore the doubters and people who think their fucking opinions are so damn valuable because they think they've been there, they haven't, because your life is not someone else's life. Your experiences, emotions, dreams, perceptions are not someone else's who is similar to you. Be a little selfish here and there. I'm not saying to completely ignore your friends who are negative, try and help them, motivate them, but you can only do so much for them before it falls into their hands. So if they just want to be a complaint factory, fuck 'hem. You need to maintain that hustle and communication and creativity. You can literally accomplish anything you put your mind to. You want to fly? You can fucking fly. Figure it out. You got this!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Working on my Good Looks

This is just a work in progress of a caricature I'm working on for now. What ya think?! My wife says that this is way to close to the truth. I love it. Inks and colors to follow. Right now I've been listening to Tegan and Sara and classical music like Mozart and shot and it is blowing my mind. I started listening to more classical music again to jump my creativity up, hopefully, after watching the indie film starring Josh Radnor of 'HIMYM' and Elizabeth Olsen of 'The Avengers: Age of Ultron' fame, 'Liberal Arts'. I love this film, it's great, I really identify with some aspects of the main characters life. It's great. I've already watched it three times and I only discovered it last week. Also last night at game night at our buddy Tom's he introduced me to this awesome guy named Casey Neistat who seems really awesome. Def going to be checking more into his stuff.

Monday, March 7, 2016

The Nashville Post

The wife and I decided we needed to get away for a bit. Between college and her job she was getting a bit stressed out, not too bad but she needed a breather. I myself have been feeling for quite a while now, dragged down and more and more depressed to the fact that I'm still, after four years, working at my day job and seemingly not getting anywhere with my career as a writer/artist/actor and it was really bothering me. So luckily at this time, her sister had said to us that she had to go down to a conference in Nashville, TN, and she said to us to come with her. We pretty much jumped at the opportunity. We hopped in her car and drove off from New York to Kentucky (to visit her dad for a bit) then to Nashville to stay in a lovely hotel.
We got here yesterday and drove to downtown to check out some sights her sister wanted to show us. My wife the photographer, Rachel Burke (check out her stuff sometime, I'll provide a link as soon as her website is up), got some fantastic pictures so far at the Bicentennial Park. The park itself has an amazing layout and lots to check out, all providing wonderful insights into the history of Tennessee. While in downtown Nashville we also went to the Walking Bridge and saw the skyline of the city. Gorgeous. Again, my talented wife got some great pictures. Downtown is great for beautiful sights, fun pubs and many shows to see, all either during daytime or the night. After which we all ate at Fido's for lunch. I had the sweet potato soup and a lovely porter ale called Tiny Bomb (explosive flavor) which was brewed about an hour or two away in Memphis. That night we went back to the hotel (Baymont Inn) which was lovely. Her sister had to go to her conference and so we decided to walk around and see what was around us. Right near us within walking distance was a lot of local eateries and also a grocery store. For dinner we went to Which Wich, a favorite of mine anytime we are down south.
The next day her sister had her conference early so we decided to go out adventuring. We visited the Centennial park this time, we figured why not since we been to the Bicentennial ha ha. The Centennial I have to say is my favorite. With the Parthenon right there, man I tell ya, I love it. Of course we got some great photos of the whole place. Inside were some great replicas of some Greek favorite like Athena, and a bunch of busts of dismantled bodies. If you ever get the chance get down there to see it, you won't be disappointed. We couldn't really find anywhere for lunch that we liked so we forwent it and when we left to go back to the hotel it was dinner time. That night we decided to Chili's which wasn't too bad. After which we stopped at the local liquor store and bought a lovely bottle of wine and whined down in our room. My wife was furiously editing her photos and I sketched a nice big caricature of myself (I'll post soon) and thought up some more illustrations to do.
While on this trip I also started to really razor in on creating a lifestyle plan for our lives. Career wise (of which is going great for the wife, she got promoted to Editor recently! Way to go baby!), setting wise, and all the other important aspects. I'm still working it all out but I'm trying to head toward certain goals. We shall see.
All in all it was a great trip! About 14 hours drive with a few stops, but not bad!